Valve Replacement

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Key Investigators

  • Adam Rankin (Robarts Research Institute, London, Canada)


  • Current approach for aortic valve replacement using a valve prosthesis
  • Trans-femoral or trans-apical approach used to insert valve to desired location
  • Valve deployment bubble expanded or restricting sheath removed to deploy valve permanently
  • Current guidance technique involves angiography and fluoroscopy
  • PLUS updated to support capture of 3D+t data
  • Philips ie33 probe support in PLUS experimental

Project Description


  • Brainstorm workflow and objectives for prototype experiments
  • Implement Slicer module (in python) to accomplish this workflow

Approach, Plan

  • Enable workflow for choosing aortic annulus center
  • Manipulate the target valve orientation by connecting two points
  • Ask Csaba lots of questions
  • Program in Python


  • Module created
  • Python learned (in progress)