2008 Winter Project Week IGT

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This breakout session is a follow up to the meeting in December in Boston


1. Brief review of IGT workshop in Dec, 2007. [1]

2 Review of each team's action items. Revise the task if necessary.

  • BWH Action Items ==
    • Modularity project=
      • Tracker Base
      • Image I/O Base
    • Event=
      • Methods: IGSTK socket -> vtkSlicerDaemon [Tokuda, Liu, Salt Lake city event, BRP, NCIGT, Cleary RO1] [2]
      • Logging, recovery
    • GUI=
      • Configurable GUI(Wendy, NCIGT)
      • Compact GUI: XML resource file for turning components on/off
      • Slicer Modularity mechanism (Steve, NA-MIC supplement NITRIC, Year 2007-08)


  • JHU Action Items ==
    • Prostate Robot presentation for Salt Lake City
    • Middleware
    • Ticker - for polling robot coordinates during targeting instead of continuous high rate push
  • Queens Action Items ==
    • Second monitor display (David)
    • Slicer Modularity Project
    • 3D box frame that can be fit to/centered around a volume

  • Georgetown Action Items ==
    • Integrate IGSTK into Slicer3 (compiling and linking)
    • Enable socket communication for TrackerTool to send transform to Slicer3
      • Use VTKSocketCommunicator to package and send IGSTKTransform, need to have a receive end on Slicer3 side
    • Possibly add KWWidget GUI suppport
    • Video Capturing (w. Stoll, Hata, Frank, Patrick)
    • Need to discuss how the module would look like for the RFA application
    • Support JHU and Queens to use IGSTK?
      • Sending transform and images over socket - solution exists
      • Support OptoTrack

Cross review priority task list with each team's action items