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Key Investigators

  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center: Andrzej Przybyszewski
  • BWH: Dominik Meier, Ron Kikinis


We'll probably need a 2-step registration that first aligns the clipped FOV with the same subjects anatomy reference and then align the latter with the atlas. Once we have good specs for our input data, we can lay down a processing strategy. Masking via a manually defined ROI seems a likely candidate for this problem as well. We are planning to use 3D mean atlas of the thalamus generated from multiple histological data register it with individual Parkinson patient (PD) data, convert using VTK to SPL files and implement into Guideline 4000 electrophysiological workstation.

Approach, Plan

Our plan for the project week is to register thalamus atlas with individual PD MRI data using Slicer 3.5.




  • Registration using Slicer 3.5, [1] module

Krauth A, Blanc R, Poveda A, Jeanmonod D, Morel A, Székely G. A mean three-dimensional atlas of the human thalamus: Generation from multiple histological data. Neuroimage. 2009 Oct 21