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Key Investigators

Sonia Pujol, Ph.D., Director of Training, Neuroimage Analysis Center

Project Description


Approach and Plan:

Progress and Next Steps
  • The primary purpose of the Winter 2017 tutorial contest is to enrich the training materials that are available to end-users and developers using 3D Slicer.
  • The contest provides members of the medical image computing and radiology research community a methodology and a framework for developing step-by-step tutorials on advanced image analysis methods.
  1. Slicer Pathology (Erich Bremer/Andriy Fedorov)
  2. Simple Python Tool for Quality Control of DWI data (Laurent Chauvin)
  3. SPHARM-PDM (Beatriz Paniagua)
  4. Segmentation for 3D printing (Csaba Pinter)
  5. Integration of Robot Operating System (ROS) and 3D Slicer using OpenIGTLink (Junichi Tokuda)
  6. Fiber Bundle Volume Measurement, tutorial data (Shun Gong)

Winner: Csaba Pinter won the contest and was awarded $250 by Kitware Inc


    • Rebekka Lauer, Humboldt-University, Berlin
    • Parvin Mousavi, Brigham and Women's Hospital
    • Peter Anderson
    • Hongtao Zhang, Hebei General Hospital
    • Michael Chae, Monash University