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Attendees: Bill Lorensen, Jags, Mike Pan, Nicole A, Steve Pieper, Tina Kapur, C-F Westin, Lauren O'Donnell, John Melonakos, Luis Ibanez, Brendan Faherty, Jeff Grethe, Mike Halle, Jim Miller Dan Blezek, Gordon Kindlmann, Ipek Oguz, Vince Magnotta, Martin Styner.


  • Talks/Workshops around AHM: We discussed the schedule for the ITK workshop and the other workshop/tutorial/discussion topics. Consensus was to hold LONI pipeline user talk (Mike) in parallel with the ITK session on Sunday morning, and hold Software process (Andy) and Gordon-talk on Tue/Wed lunchtimes. Goal is to have minimal hours spent in talks, and maximal on work... If topics emerge that need a wider audience than a small working group, we will enough room (figuratively and literally) to do that during the programming half week itself.
  • vnl_powell - Dan Blezek has used an equivalent method in ITK.
  • slicer3 execution model will be discussed next time.
  • Everyone was reminded to use the publications page.
  • ITK probablity distributions: Jim Miller has created various methods (eventually to go into ITK) to enable statistical analysis of fmri data. The initial goal is to remove slicer dependence on gnu distribution libraries. Methods that have been implemented so far are:.... (Jim?). An item that will be discussed in the ITK tcon tomorrow is the method that needs to be followed before some of this code can be committed to ITK. If an Insight Journal paper needs to be written, Haiying Liu and Wendy P. at BWH, who are potential customers for this code, have been volunteered to review the paper. (HL was volunteered in the call, and as the scribe I decided to add Wendy to the list as well...This is why you should WANT to be caller #7.)
  • ITK2.4: Luis provided the update that this was tagged yesterday, and has been downloaded 100 times already.
  • Slicer 2.6: Steve provided the update that the cvs branch is happening on Tuesday, and a release is targeted for end of the year (before the holidays). Jim Miller will put his statistics code in the sandbox for use in slicer 2.6.
  • Brendan/Jeff will update the programming half week page with cluster computing setup/activites.

*Programming Week: The rest of the discussion was about programming week projects.

  1. Nicole provided the update that the NA-MIC server at BWH has been upgraded as of last week when Andy was in Boston for the task.
  2. C-F will be joining the programming week. He is also collaborating on DTI reg/seg with Juan Ruiz, prof at Canary Institute of Technology, Canary Islands, who will likely participate in the programming week. (JR is the first iNAMIC participant - iNAMIC being the newly formed interNational Alliance for MIC!)
  3. Lauren: is likely to work on writing wrappers for matlab scripts that are part of her phd research. A second potential project is to use vtk polydata for displaying fiber tracts. Luis will follow up with someone at Kitware who could help her. Andy also volunteered.
  4. John M: needs to be matched up with someone is who familiar with the anisotropic diffusion filters in ITK. Perhaps Josh or someone else from Ross Whitakers group. On the rule-based seg module (Ramsey's), will be matched up with Alex Y. from BWH.
  5. Gordon: he and Raul will continue their work from last programming week on having command line interfaces to ITK, called "itku", modeled after the "unu" tool that is popular for working with NRRD files. Will use dynamic loading of pre-compiled instantiations.
  6. Ipek: will work on using KWwidgets for visualizaing some of her research tools for statistical shape analysis - continuation from last programming week. Sebastien Barre from Kitware will be a good fit for this team.
  7. Vince Magnotta: a friend-of-NAMIC from Iowa, will need some help in integrating with Slicer. Steve Pieper/Alex Y. will help.
  8. Martin: will assist various projects, like last time (much appreciated!), including Slicer 3.0 discussions. Will be continuing the work on adding a LONI pipeline for his shape analysis tools.
  9. Tina: will be giving a talk at AHM on programming week - what is has been about, and what we have accomplished. Would like to identify 3 projects for which the team leads will give a highly educational, evocative, entertaining, content-filled 10 minute talk about what was accomplished in the project in last programming week/during the year, plans for this programming week, and projections for what might be accomplished through future NA-MIC years programming activities. The goal of these presentations will be to specifically identify the kind of work that was/can-be enabled through programming week type efforts.