2009 Summer Project Week Extension Manager

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Key Investigators

Katie Hayes, BWH, Steve Pieper, Terry Lorber


  • Add functionality to the Slicer3 extension manager
  • Help developers make their modules work as extensions
  • Test extension implementation to generate feature/bug todo list.

Approach, Plan

  • Information on using extensions will be given on Tuesday at 10:00. (Slides)
  • Katie, Terry, and Steve will be available to work with developers to test build.


  • Added Fuzzy Segmentation and Lesion Segmentation extensions to the SVN repository
  • Demoed extension manager to developers and explained the process to make existing code available as a Slicer3 extension
  • Meeting to discuss feature requests for to enable the extension manager to support a wider variety of code
  • Proposed Changes to Extension Manager/CLI Interface


Possible Extension Projects (Summer 2009)

  1. Lupus Lesion Segmentation (Jeremy Bockholt MRN)
  2. White Matter Lesion segmentation (Minjeong Kim UNC)
  3. Skull Stripping (Snehasish Roy JHU)
  4. Tubular Surface Segmentation in Slicer (Vandana Mohan, Georgia Tech)
  5. Cortical Thickness Pipeline (Clement Vachet UNC)
  6. Automatic brain MRI processing pipeline (Marcel Prastawa Utah)
  7. Spherical Mesh Diffeomorphic Demons Registration (Luis Ibanez Kitware)
  8. HAMMER Registration (Guorong Wu UNC)
  9. Meningioma growth simulation (Andrey Fedorov BWH)
  10. BSpline Registration in Slicer3 (Samuel Gerber Utah)
  11. Prostate Registration Slicer Module (Yi Gao, Georgia Tech)
  12. EPI Correction in Slicer3 (Ran Tao Utah)
  13. Slicer module for the computation of fibre dispersion and curving measures (Peter Savadjiev BWH)
  14. DWI/DTI QC and Preparation Tool: DTIPrep (Zhexing Liu UNC)
  15. Fluid mechanics tractography and visualization (Nathan Hageman UCLA)
  16. Transrectal Prostate Biopsy (Andras Lasso Queen's)
  17. Prostate Robotics (Junichi Tokuda BWH)
  18. Integration of Flexible Surgical Instrument Modeling and Virtual Catheter with Slicer (Jayender Jagadeesan BWH)
  19. MRSI Module (Bjoern Menze MIT)
  20. 4D Imaging (Perfusion, Cardiac, etc.) (Junichi Tokuda BWH)
  21. Gated 4D ultrasound reconstruction for Slicer3 (Danielle Pace Robarts Institute)
  22. Plug-in 3D Viewer based on XIP (Lining Yang Siemens Research)
  23. Extension of the Command Line XML Syntax/Interface (Bennett Landman)