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Instructions for Editor

  • Please start editing the Scientific report. 17:05, 2 May 2006 (EDT)
  • If any investigator affliation appears slightly differently in different parts of the document, please use this page as the master for reconciling investigator affiliations People
  • In the fmri theme summary section, please remove names of investigators that are inlined with the text. All investigators should be listed at the end of each section.

Instructions for Investigators

  • Please do not make any more changes to the Scientific report now. 17:58, 2 May 2006 (EDT) The editor have made a copy of all the text from this page and plan to run it through a spell checker, and make various edits, so unless we tell you otherwise, your changes will get lost.
  • The main Scientific report page will be "frozen" between May 1st and 15th.
  • The individual project pages will be frozen sometime the week of May 8th, so you are welcome to continue to edit those until then.

Thanks to everyone for helping create this report.

Detailed feedback on Project Pages

DTI Project Pages

  1. Corpus Callosum Fiber Tractography in Schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT) - Thin. Add details or delete?
  2. Clustering of anatomically distinct fiber tracts (Harvard, MIT). Good. Links needed to Susumu Mori's work. Is there a wiki page from past prog weeks that has more details? That should be linked. Any white papers? References to thesis in progress?
  3. Fractional Anisotrophy in the Uncinate Fasciculus in Schizophrenia and Bipolar I Disorder--replication and extension of Kubicki study (Dartmouth, Harvard). Good but thin, perhaps because the project has just started? Is the data available on BIRN? If so, can links be provided to that? Is there a time scheduled for Kubicki visit?
  4. Fractional Anisotropy of the Corpus Callosum and Anterior Commissure (Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth). Good. The Links pages point to wiki pages with "bug" in the title. Do we need to rename those pages?
  5. DTI Validation (UCI, MGH, UNC, MIT). Good. Susumu Mori data set is mentioned here also. Can we point to a website where this data is discussed? Is it available publicly? Is the Dartmouth data being used the one that is on BIRN for NAMIC? This work should definitely be continued at the project week. Response from Jim: We are doing non-BIRN subjects at the present, both from Dartmouth, Susumu, and VETSA.

Structural Analysis Project Pages

  1. Morphometry of medial temporal lobe structures in schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Harvard). Deleted this project as it seems it is covered by another project collaboration. See, Shape Analysis of the Hippocampus on the project page.
  2. Neural substrates of apathy in schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Isomics) See comments for previous project.
  3. Multi-site morphometry in Schizophrenia (UCI, FBIRN) Not clear that this is a NA-MIC project. It sounds like a fBIRN project? Also, the link to the nbirn.net site needs to be replaced by one to a specific page within that site that provides more detail about this particular project. Response from Jessica: It's a liaison project with FBIRN, to apply the NAMIC toolkits to the FBIRN structural datasets. FBIRN's focused on functional methods, and the structural analyses are not an FBIRN project per se. There is not a BIRN site that describes this aspect of the project, unfortunately, since our website doesn't list all the analyses being done.

fmri Project Pages

  1. Neural Substrates of Working Memory in Schizophrenia: A Parametric 3-Back Study (Dartmouth, Harvard). Is this data available on BIRN? If so, a link should be provided. Any links to pages that describe teh type of analysis being performed and preliminary results would be useful. Also, what are the novel tools being used? Can these be made available through the wiki?
  2. Brain Activation during a Continuous Verbal Encoding and Recognition Task in Schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Harvard) - Same comments as above.
  3. Fronto-Temporal Connectivity in Schizophrenia during Semantic Memory (Dartmouth, Harvard) - Same comments as above.
  4. Imaging Phenotypes in Schizophrenics and Controls (UCI, Toronto). Which data set is being used? Can a link be provided for it? Which novel tools are being used? Can these be provided on the wiki? Can the HBM paper/slides be uploaded to the wiki under the "Links" section which is currently empty? Response from Jessica: This is the legacy dataset made available to NAMIC by UCI, with the same links as always. When the HBM poster is presented this summer, UCI will be sure to upload it.
  5. Attentional Circuits in Schizophrenia as revealed by fMRI and PET (UCI) - Can pointers be added to which data set is being used. Is it available on BIRN? Are there any non-UCI collaborators on this project? Any links to wiki or web pages that give more detail? Response from Jessica: This is also the same legacy dataset of 28 schizophrenics (it was a

rich dataset!). At the moment, there are no non-UCI collaborators on this one.

NA-MIC Kit Project Pages

  1. Dart 2 and CTest - Software Quality (GE, Kitware). Looks good. ? in Progress section needs to be resolved.
  2. Slicer 3 (Isomics, GE, Kitware, UCSD, UCLA) - needs Objective. No investigators are listed from GE, UCSD, UCLA.
  3. IO Unification (GE, Isomics) - empty page. Should it be deleted? (Bill: I will fill it out).
  4. Grid Computing (UCSD, UCLA, GE, Kitware, Isomics). Good. Can links be added to prog week projects on this? (done)
  5. MRML (Isomics, Kitware, GE) - Empty page. Needs to be filled by 4/28.