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Welcome to the web page for the 2nd Project Week!


The second NA-MIC project event was successfully concluded on January 13, 2006 in conjunction with the 2006 NA-MIC AHM. The AHM recorded 85 total attendees, 52 of whom attended this event. During the project event, 24 projects were actively pursued by the participants.

In addition to this page, this summary is also available in powerpoint and pdf formats: 2006 Programming Half Week Summary.ppt and 2006 Programming Half Week Summary.pdf.

Background: The 2006 Programming Half Week

Link to actual Programming Week Event, Utah, January 2006

Clinical/End-User Applications

  1. Rule Based Segmentation Slicer Module (project page, 1-slide summary)
  2. Non-rigid intrasubject registration of T2 EPI to T1 conventional(project page, 1-slide summary)
  3. Shape Analysis Visualization Tool using KWWidgets(project page, 1-slide summary)
  4. Client-Server based Time Series Navigation for fMRI Statistical Analysis (project page, 1-slide summary)

Algorithms/Algorithm Infrastructure

  1. Define Joint Registration and Segmentation Framework(project page, 1-slide summary)
  2. Affine Invariant Anisotropic Smoothing ITK Filter(project page, 1-slide summary)
  3. Riemannian filters for DTI data (project page, 1-slide summary)
  4. Automated image mosaicking and feature tracking for Electron Microscopy data (project page, 1-slide summary)
  5. Angular Smoothing and Interpolation of DW-MRI(project page, 1-slide summary)
  6. Tissue Classification from MRI with Neighborhood Statistics(project page,1-slide summary)
  7. Development of Automated Segmentation and Volumetric Mesh Generation for Orthopeadic Applications (project page, 1-slide summary)
  8. Improved DTMRI module tract display (project page, 1-slide summary)
  9. Integrating Tube Visualization for Tractography Generated in Slicer (project page, 1-slide summary)
  10. Block Matching Based Registration Algorithm in ITK(project page,1-slide summary)

Software Infrastructure

  1. Slicer 3 Architecture(project page, 1-slide summary)
  2. Slicer 3's web presence (project page, 1-slide summary)
  3. Define / Code API for communication between command line executables and GUI's (project page,1-slide summary)
  4. Slicer 3's Data Model (project page, 1-slide summary)
  5. Slicer 3's UI (project page, 1-slide summary)
  6. Slicer 3 and IGSTK integration (project page, 1-slide summary)
  7. Slicer 3 and Grid Integration (project page, 1-slide summary)
  8. itku: Command-line ITK interface (project page, 1-slide summary)
  9. Graphical framework to construct/ execute complex scientific analyses of data (project page, 1-slide summary)
  10. Simple to use UNC shape analysis LONI pipeline (project page,1-slide summary)