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NA-MIC Internal Collaborations

This is a list of all collaborative projects within NA-MIC. These projects form the basis of the progress reports submitted to the NIH. These collaborations are between team members of the various cores of NA-MIC.

Diffusion Image Analysis

Fiber Tract Extraction and Analysis

  1. Fiber Tract Statistics (Utah, UNC)
  2. Diffusion measures alongs fiber tracts of the cingulum bundle (Harvard, MIT, UNC)
  3. Clustering of anatomically distinct fiber tracts (Harvard, MIT)
  4. Anisotropic Conformal Metrics for DTI Tractography (Georgia Tech, Harvard)
  5. Corpus Callosum Fiber Tractography in Schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT)

Fractional Anisotropy Analysis

  1. Corpus Callosum Regional FA analysis in Schizophrenia (Harvard, UNC, Dartmouth)
  2. Fractional Anisotropy of the Corpus Callosum and Anterior Commissure (Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth)
  3. Fractional Anisotrophy in the Uncinate Fasciculus in Schizophrenia and Bipolar I Disorder--replication and extension of Kubicki study (Dartmouth, Harvard)

Path of Interest Analysis

  1. Integrity of Fronto-Temporal Circuitry in Schizophrenia using Path of Interest Analysis (Dartmouth, MGH, Isomics, Harvard)


  1. DTI Validation (UCI, MGH, UNC, MIT)

Algorithm/Software Infrastructure

  1. DTI Software/Algorithm Infrastructure (Utah, UNC)
  2. Tensor based statistics (Harvard, Utah)
  3. Diffusion tensor image filtering (Utah, Harvard)
  4. Non-rigid EPI Registration (Harvard/MGH, Kitware, Dartmouth)
  5. Fiber Tools Integration with Slicer 3 (UNC, GE, Isomics)

Structural Image Analysis

Image Segmentation

  1. Knowledge-Based Bayesian Classification and Segmentation (Georgia Tech, Kitware)
  2. Brain Tissue Classification and Subparcellation of Brain Structures (Harvard, MIT, Kitware)
  3. Rule based segmentation: Striatum (Georgia Tech, Harvard, Isomics, Kitware)
  4. Rule based segmentation: DLPFC (Georgia Tech, UCI, Isomics, Kitware)
  5. Multiscale Shape Segmentation Techniques (Georgia Tech, Harvard)
  6. Stochastic Methods for Segmentation (Georgia Tech)
  7. Statistical/PDE methods for Segmentation (Georgia Tech)

Image Registration

  1. Optimal Mass Transport for Registration (Georgia Tech, Harvard)

Morphometric Measures and Shape Analysis

  1. Shape Analysis for the caudate and corpus callosum data (Harvard, UNC, Georgia Tech, Dartmouth)
  2. Shape Analysis of the hippocampus (Dartmouth, UNC, Harvard)
  3. Multiscale Shape Analysis applied to Caudate and Hippocampus (Georgia Tech, Harvard, UNC)
  4. UNC Shape Analysis with LONI pipeline for clinical investigators (UNC, UCLA)
  5. Population Studies (UNC, GE)
  6. Multi-site morphometry in Mild Cognitive Impairment (UCI, mBIRN?)
  7. Multi-site morphometry in Schizophrenia (UCI, FBIRN)
  8. Automated shape model construction (Utah, Harvard)
  9. Neural substrates of apathy in schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Isomics)

fMRI Analysis

Functional Activation Analysis

  1. Neural Substrates of Working Memory in Schizophrenia: A Parametric 3-Back Study (Dartmouth, Harvard)
  2. Brain Activation during a Continuous Verbal Encoding and Recognition Task in Schizophrenia (Dartmouth, Harvard)
  3. Fronto-Temporal Connectivity in Schizophrenia during Semantic Memory (Dartmouth, Harvard)
  4. Imaging Phenotypes in Schizophrenics and Controls (UCI, Toronto)
  5. Attentional Circuits in Schizophrenia as revealed by fMRI and PET (UCI)

Algorithm and Software Infrastructure

  1. fMRI Statistics Software Infrastructure (GE, Isomics, Kitware, MIT)
  2. Spatial Regularization for fMRI Detection (MIT, Harvard)
  3. Conformal Flattening for fMRI Visualization (Georgia Tech, Harvard)


NAMIC Software Process

  1. CMake - NAMIC Kit Building (Kitware)
  2. CPack - NAMIC Kit Distribution (Kitware)
  3. Dart 2 and CTest - Software Quality (GE, Kitware)

Software Infrastructure

  1. Slicer 3 (Isomics, GE, Kitware, UCSD, UCLA)
  2. Coordinate Systems (GE, Isomics)
  3. IO Unification (GE, Isomics)
  4. Licenses Unification (Kitware, Isomics)
  5. Grid Computing (UCSD, UCLA, GE, Kitware, Isomics)
  6. KWWidgets (Kitware)
  7. Execution Model (GE)
  8. MRML (Isomics, Kitware, GE)
  9. Teem (Harvard/BWH)

Training & Dissemination

  1. Training Material and Workshops for NA-MIC Kit (Harvard/MGH, Harvard/BWH)
  2. Dissemination for NA-MIC (Isomics, Kitware, Harvard)

Other Projects

  1. Non-Rigid Registration

NA-MIC External Collaborations

This section describes all external collaborations with NA-MIC. Details for the primary funding mechanism for collaborating with NCBCs are provided here.

PAR-05-063 Automated FE Mesh Development

This project is a NCBC collaboration grant. Collaborators include Nicole Grosland, Vincent Magnotta, Steve Pieper, and Simon Warfield. The master page for this collaboration is here, while the rest of this section contains links to the specific active projects in this collaboration.

Meshing Algorithms

  1. Novel Hexahedral Meshing Algorithms (Iowa)
  2. Hex vs Tet Mesh Comparisons (Iowa/Isomics/BWH)

Automated Segmentation

  1. Integration of Neural Network Algorithms (Iowa)

Image Registration

  1. Evaluation_of_Inter-Modality_Registration (Iowa/Isomics)


  1. Validation_of_Defined_Regions_of_Interest_Using_Surface_Scanning (Iowa)
  2. FE_Mesh_Validation (Iowa)