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NA-MIC Internal Collaborations

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Diffusion Image Projects

Structural Image Projects

fMRI Analysis Projects

Driving Biological Problems (2007 - 2010): Roadmap Projects


Contrasting Tractography Measures

This project represents a new initiative to build upon a shared vision among Cores 1, 3 and 5 that the field of medical image analysis would be well served by work in the area of validation, calibration and assessment of reliability in DW-MRI image analysis. More...

New: Contrasting Tractography Methods Conference, Santa Fe, October 1-2, 2007.


Brachytherapy Needle Positioning Robot Integration

The Queen’s/Hopkins team is developing novel devices and procedures for cancer interventions, including biopsy and therapies. Our goal for the programming week is to design and start implementing software for the new MRI Brachytherapy needle positioning robot. More...

New: Meeting at JHU on July 17-19, 2007.


Brain Lesion Analysis in Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Our goal is to automatically, or with little or no manual human rater input, accurately tissue classify our example lupus data-set into gray, white, csf, and lesion classes.

New: Participants in the Summer 2007 NA-MIC Project Week.


Cortical Thickness for Autism

Our goal is to begin a longitudinal study of early brain development by cortical thickness in autistic children and controls (2 years with follow-up at 4 years). We want to be able to make statistical group comparisons. More...

New: Participation in the NA-MIC Summer 2007 Project Week.


NAMIC Software Process

  1. CMake - NAMIC Kit Building (Kitware)
  2. CPack - NAMIC Kit Distribution (Kitware)
  3. Dart 2 and CTest - Software Quality (GE, Kitware)

Software Infrastructure

  1. Slicer 3 (Isomics, GE, Kitware, UCSD, UCLA)
    1. MRML (Isomics, Kitware, GE)
    2. Coordinate Systems (GE, Isomics)
    3. IO Unification (GE, Isomics)
    4. Execution Model (GE)
    5. Grid Computing (UCSD, GE, Kitware, Isomics)
  2. Licenses Unification (Kitware, Isomics)
  3. Toolkits
    1. KWWidgets (Kitware)
    2. Teem (Harvard/BWH)

Training & Dissemination

  1. Training Material and Workshops for NA-MIC Kit (MGH, BWH)
  2. Dissemination for NA-MIC (Isomics, Kitware, Harvard)

Other Projects

  1. Non-Rigid Registration
  2. FreeSurfer NRRD IO
  3. FreeSurfer Numerical Recipies Replacement
  4. Slicer3 Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy Support